Malaysia Bungalow


Bungalow is a term derived from Gujarati 'bangalo' that actually originates from Hindustani 'bangla' that literally means house built in Bengla style. Back in the olden days, bungalows were small as it has only one storey but designed with a wide and spacious verandah. Generally, common features of bungalow houses include single or one-and-a-half storey, detached and most importantly, a wide verandah. The term was first coined during late 1690s to describe houses built in India specifically for English sailors.

Several years later, the term was used to describe spacious homes catered to officials of British Raj. Then in late 19th century, bungalow houses were built in Western vernacular style to suit individuals of higher status. Bungalow houses were sometimes used to describe large cottages or suburban houses. What used to be grand houses for those of higher status later changed over time as developers began to adopt this term for smaller houses. Therefore, the design of a bungalow house has changed and is no longer a single-storey house but rather, bungalow is a two-storey residential house built with a sloping roof. The design of a bungalow house varies depending on the region and country but generally, bungalow house in Malaysia refers to a detached residential house with either two or three storeys and has its own wide compound/garden.

Malaysia Beach Bungalow

In Malaysia alone, you can pretty much find holiday bungalows and beach bungalows. Beach bungalows in Malaysia are specifically catered to leisure travelers who seek to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and to make guests feel instantly welcome. A fine example of a luxurious and spectacular beach bungalow in Malaysia is none other than Mantaray Bungalow ideally located on the east coast of Malaysia in the village of Merang, Terengganu. Operators bought these grand houses in 2005 and transformed it into a quiet and tranquil accommodation for tourists who would like to experience truly village lifestyle in the country.

Unlike the typical hotel-type accommodation or luxury resort, these beach bungalows have no staffs but guests can expect a group of attentive caretakers who would be there to assist you should you have any problem. The caretakers who live in the nearby cottage will wait for your arrival to hand over the keys. Operators aim to provide a relaxing retreat for guests without any disturbance since no staffs would be around the house to bother you. The spacious bungalow is suitable for families and large group of friends. The house is designed with East and West elements to blend in perfectly with the lush greenery surroundings.